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Advancing Towards Breakthrough Outcomes for Cancer & Autoimmune Patients

NAYA Therapeutics is focused on the clinical development and strategic acquisition of first & best-in-class clinical-stage therapeutics for the treatment of cancer & autoimmune diseases.

We leverage the impact of new drug modalities, novel targets, and AI-powered translational medicine to achieve breakthrough outcomes for patients.

Our i
nitial pipeline includes 2 novel Flex-NK™ Bispecific Antibodies acquired from Cytovia Therapeutics:

Both products have been validated at major oncology meetings, including ASH, AACR, SITC, ESMO, and ASGCT, and are on track for clinical trial initiation starting early 2024, with value-creating readouts in 2024-2025.

Clinical development has been designed by our scientific advisory board of leading liver cancer & multiple myeloma experts to allow for early inflection points and accelerated development based on early data. 


NY-303: Our GPC3-targeted FLEX-NK™ Bispecific Antibody for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) 

NY-338: Our CD38-targeted FLEX-NK™ Bispecific Antibody for Multiple Myeloma (MM) & Autoimmune Diseases

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